Department Of Food Chemistry and Nutrition

This department deals with Biochemistry, Chemistry of Food, Macronutrients & Micronutrients, Food Additives & Preservatives, Human Nutrition, Techniques’ in Food Analysis, Enzymes In food Industries.

 The reaction occurs during processing, losses of nutrition, utilization of Nutrients and bio-molecule by the community. Biochemistry plays an important role in various aspects regarding food materials. Chemistry of foods constituents describes analytical methods for determining qualitative and quantitative nutrients approx analytical testing, composition of foods and provide detailed discussion of nutritional energetics.

The integrated metabolism of all food constituents and information related to trace elements, food toxicants & etiological factors related to various diseases states. Formulation of Balanced diet for various age groups, studies of biochemical changes occurs in food during raw material, storage, processing and finished products. 

Activities include the development of new food products, all analytical studies, shelf-life studies; sensory evaluation of products using survey panels or potential consumers, as well as chemical testing, Students may study more fundamental phenomena that are directly linked to the production of food products and its properties.

Department having following Instruments.

  • Semi automized Soxhlet
  • Semi automized  Microkjaldhal,
  • Digital Spectrophoto meter, Digital Colori meter, Digital Muffal furnance, Centrifuge machines’, Paper chromatographic chamber, TLC, UV chamber, Digital PH Meter, Visco meter, Electrophoresis, Distillation Unit, Incubator, Ovens, Traditional soxhlet, TDS meter, Dhona Balance, Analytical as well as Digital balance, Separating funnels  and many more.