Department Of Food Business Management

With the inception of WTO (World Trade Organisation, 1995) & acceptance of LPG model of economy. India is faced with the world competition in every sector of industry, Services etc.

Food processing business is posed in India and has great potential. At current it is the fifth largest growing industry in India.

With the idea to produce food technologies with business mind set up, so as to have new emerging entrepreneurs in this sector, the department is introduced in the college. The course curriculum is structured to facilitate all the business aspects of food processing enterprise. All national & international trends and emerging facts of this industry have been included authorities governing food safety, food regulations are studied in detail.

The department is sincerely making efforts for overall development of student by identifying their skills. They are given opportunity to reflect their talent at various conferences, symposia & meets.

Well trained staff & the department & perceiving efforts to attain excellence.


Career options

A person can work as manager and process controller, recourse planner in which is one of the esteemed sectors. One can become the integrated part of newly emerging services sector which is going to contribute about 60 y or UDP in India.


Introduction of Food Science and Technology


Food Science

It is discipline in which biology, physical science & engineering are used to study the nature of food, the causes of their deterioration & the principles undertying food processing.


Food Technology

It is application of Food Science to the selection, preservation, packaging, distribution & use of safe notorious & whole some food.

The study of Food science emphasizes on the composition of foods & the changes that occur when they subjected to food processing. Functional foods are foods that promote the health beyond providing basic nutrition our nutritional status, health, physical & mental facilities depends up9n the food we eat & how we eat it. Access to good quality food has been main endeavor from the earliest days of human existence. Safety of fod is a basic requirement of food quality “Food safety” implies observe or acceptable & safe level of contaminants adulternants, naturally occurring toxins or any other substances that may make food unjuries to health and acute or chronic basis. Food Quality can consider as comples characteristics of food of that determine its value and delectability to consumer. Besides Safety, Quality attributes includes nutritional value organolaptic properties such as color, appearance, texture, taste & functional properties Food system developing countries are not always as well organized & developed as an industrialized world. More over the problems growing population organization, lack of recourses to deal with pre & post harvest losses in food & problem of environment & food hygiene mean that food system developing countries continued to be stressed adversely affecting quality & safety food supplies.


Expected Learning Outcomes:

  • Student will gain basic understanding appreciation of FST
  • Student will explore their within the broad aspects of food science allowing them to match their interests with potential career opportunities in food industry.
  • Students will learn basic compositions & the effect on food characteristics.
  • Students will gain fundamental understanding of the relationship between environment, bacteria, food born illness & food safety & quality.
  • Students will learn basic concept of food manufacturing & will understand the relationship between food processing & food safety & quality.
  • Student will gain general understanding of food sensory testing.