Affiliations & Memberships

Our affiliations with the Industry, Government, Social Forums, Skill-Development Partners and the Universities play a pivotal role in the overall institutional operating model. These affiliations are by virtue of the need for collaboration as well as to keep ourselves relevant in the marketplace.

Over the years, Sau KSK alias Kaku College of Food Technology has partnered with all the important stakeholders by either seeking memberships with the forums or by signing a formal MOU with them for capability enhancement of the college.

Our notable affiliations help our student’s community to explore the prevalent trends in the market and take the advantage to get exposed and enrich themselves with the skills and knowledge required to be successful professionals.


Some of our notable associations and memberships are as follows:

S.No Type of Association Name of the Association/Membership/MOU Logo Year of Association Purpose Validity


The Jump Start



Students Capability Development

1 year



MCED (Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development)



Entrepreneurship Development

1 year