This department deals with the reaction occurs during processing, losses of nutrition, utilization of nutrition & bio-molecules by the community, Bio-chemistry plans on important role in various aspects regarding food materials.

This department leads the various analytical instruments, qualified, quantave estimations of Cho, Proteins, amino acids, lipids, vitamins. & other Bio-molecules, Studies regarding the enzymes involved in food production keeping quality, deterations, the additives which are used for food & preservative used in food.

  • Food Technology
  • Various Nutrition Agencies
  • Formulation of Balanced diet for Various groups & decrease extruding
  • Department have following instruments
  • Chemical analysis from food products
  • Biochemical changes which occurs in food during raw material, storage, processing & finished products.
  • To give idea about proper diet.
  • Information about genetically modified food.
  • Information about natural & artificial flavors & pigments.
  • It gives the idea about deficiency of bio-molecules form food product.

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